Welcome to the Lancaster Ryukyu Karate Club!

Karate changes lives, reveals the right course, and allows for positive outcomes to all confrontations. Teaching respect, honor and self-control while keeping a healthy body, mind & spirit.

The Lancaster Ryu-Kyu Karate Club has been teaching at the Robert K. Fox Family Y for nearly 50 years under the direction of the late Sensei Gary Darling. Before he lost his battle with cancer, Sensei Darling turned his class over to his student and friend for more than 40 years, Sensei Carl Skidmore to teach the traditional ways of a warrior.

With 16 active black belts in our club, we have the ability to teach in smaller groups and teach a wide range of martial arts.

Hard core training skills including self defense, knife training, grappling, throws and take-downs, weapons, board breaking, kumite and katas are what we teach. We are active in the community helping others and keeping kids off the streets, as well as performing demonstrations in the schools, churches and other community events. We also train our students for competition and take them to tournaments for those who like to compete.Ryu-Kyu karate originated in the Ryu-Kyu Islands in Okinawa and it’s traditions are practiced in our class with strong emphasis on honor and respect for mankind, as well as self respect and discipline, power, speed and focus. We strive to make each and every student the best they can be in spirit and in strength. Ages 8-80Ryu-Kyu Karate is:

Graduating To Higher Levels Of Achievement To Develop Oneself In Spirit & Strength.